Meditation For Today

Who’s poor ? Is it someone who has no money ? Not necessarily. Of course there are a lot of people who lack of money nowadays. But alas, there are way more people who are poor in other ways. Poverty comes from the absence of a spiritual or political ideal. Poverty comes from the absence…

Self-Love: What Is it, and How Can I Get It?

Initialement publié sur Soul Revival :
Self-Love Defined Self-love can sound like such a mushy-gushy (even creepy!) topic, but behind the name is a FUNDAMENTAL part of finding lasting happiness — totally worth embracing if you’re ready to up-level your life in a major way!? Life Coach Christine Arylo defines self-love as an « unconditional love and respect…

« You Take Too Much Space » / « Tu Prends Trop De Place »

Hey yo ! If I told you this, what would you understand and what would you do about it ? How does it resonate with you ?  Salut ! Si je vous disais ça, comment le comprendriez-vous ? Qu’est-ce que ça vous évoque et qu’est-ce que vous feriez de cette information ?