Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

Absolutely true and well said 😉 Thumbs up !

The Mind Connectory

You might be spending today alone, with no soulmate and nobody you can call your partner in crime, but don’t be so hard on yourself. You are where you need to be right now and God has a special plan for you.

Love is not just romantic, it comes in many forms – self love, familial love, friendship, love of strangers – it’s endless. To focus on only one of these on this day is to forfeit the opportunities to give and receive love that exist in life. The position we’re in right now says that we need not focus on romantic love because the love we have around us from family and friends is enough to support us on our journey currently.

Maybe we feel a bit lost in our own life or maybe we’re starting to figure some things out about ourselves that we didn’t know before. Whatever

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  1. For me Valentine’s day is a day to Celebrate Love!
    And Love has no beginning and no end.

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    1. Monaminga dit :

      Yes it is Latmospherique, let’s not remember to celebrate it the rest of year too 😉 but I’m sure you do

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  2. tsepotheview dit :

    Feeling lonely on Valentine’s day is something that no one deserves so hope people tried to accommodate even those ones with no partners for the sake of ensuring everyone was happy on Valentine’s day.

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    1. Monaminga dit :

      The advertisement around such events adds up to ones solitude I must admit.



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