I wish …

clear glass with red sand grainer

I feel like I don’t have enough time to do all the things I want to do. I start checking my WordPress Reader and I scroll, click, read, like, comment, scroll, click, read, like, comment, repeat. So many amazing posts from the bloggers I follow.

I wish I could read all of them guys, but my time has no extensions. Thanks you for being such a source of inspiration for the whole world.

Following many people makes it difficult to see the posts of those who publish less but are yet worthy. Keep faith that your post will reach someone out there when they need it. How many times have I stumbled on a post, even one that is many years old, maybe the blogger is not even any more active on the blogosphere. When a post has to find someone, it does.

Keep faith and don’t give up if you like blogging.

Do you manage to give all your readers and fellow bloggers attention ? How do you do it ?

Let’s take care of ourselves.

See you around !


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  1. Creator Words dit :

    I agree, Monaminga. My time online never allows me to do all I would like. But I enjoy it never-the-less.

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  2. When I can’t make it down my reader, I apply like for like. They read mine then I read theirs.
    Thanks for sharing this. Very good thought.

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  3. Sadje dit :

    You have put your finger on it. There isn’t enough time to read all the wonderful post out there and I miss a lot. But trying to read them takes a big chunk of time. How to manage???

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    1. Monaminga dit :

      I admit that I tend to read those who interact the most with me… bit from time to time though, I stop by the others. Not everyday, especially these days, I’ve been very busy, I only come here at night.

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      1. Sadje dit :

        😊 time is limited.

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      2. Monaminga dit :

        unfortunately, or fortunately, for, we wouldn’t rest !!!

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  4. I do! I make it my duty to give all my followers blog attention. Even if I don’t comment, I at least give the post a like.
    It becomes a challenge having bloggers that post around the clock—-every other hour. With those, I can’t keep up with reading them all. But I’m still trying nonetheless.

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    1. Monaminga dit :

      Yes, the minimum is a like as you say. But I like reading the content too you know, cause I believe they look for interaction in addition to views and like, which is not bad already!

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  5. Angelilie dit :

    J’aime beaucoup votre blog. Un plaisir de venir flâner sur vos pages. Une belle découverte et blog très intéressant. Je reviendrai m’y poser. N’hésitez pas à visiter mon univers. Au plaisir.

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    1. Monaminga dit :

      Merci Angelilie, cela fait un petit moment que je ne suis pas venue chez vous mais je me souviens m’y être plu aussi 😉 je reviendrai bientôt.



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