On Fears and Being Yourself.

Everytime I come across someone who becomes closer to their true self I’m moved and feel like screeming it to the world. Very inspiring post which reminds me of why I choose a more simple life. It’s about putting the mask down and facing the true you. Powerful. Go check it out 😉

The Real Contemplations

“No other version, no matter how perfect it is, would ever feel better than being your true self.” – Edmond Mbiaka

Whilst away on holiday last week, a thought came to my mind which to someone on the outside might seem somewhat ridiculous, but to me, it meant a lot and sat close to my heart. I contemplated –

« Why do I wear so much makeup? »

Yes, you read that right. It all started with me getting ready one morning and instead of staying in bed for 30 minutes extra I got up to ‘put my face on’ and make myself look ‘presentable’. For the first time, I felt like I was wasting my precious time which could be spent more productively.

I will take a step back and talk about my younger self and the origin of all these problems.

When I was a teenager and was going…

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