The Universal Income in Africa

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The issue of development in Africa is thorny and numerous reports convey the feeling that there’s Nothing we can do.

It’s true that several factors can explain the difficulties which the populations face regarding economic development. The educational system is not Always present or performant, the schooling rate of many African countries is rather low, there’s a lack of infrastructures such as roads for the transportation of merchandises and people. To that you need to add the mentality of distrust due to the colonial past and superstition which limits the open-mindedness of the people, plus the doubtful political system. So many reasons why despite all of the help from the international Community, numerous people live in extreme poverty in the continent as a whole. That situation drives the youngsters to leave the territory by all means in order to join the occidental world and all the promised dreams, thus risking their lives several times before reaching their destination. Whether the dream is real or not, it allows them to escape from the daily life of poverty which offers no perspective whatsoever but the faith in a better afterlife.

From time to time though, comes a good initiative and I’d like to share one with you. There’s an NGO (Givedirectly), which as launched a programm in Kenya aiming at providing a panel of people in a village with a universal income for twelve years. I can hear criticisms about how the program is not pure philanthropy, for by engaging in such a project, the investors, I read, want to Promote electronic payment solutions by using the Internet. Developping countries are certainly a market to take in that field. All right. But what if that allows millions of people to get out of chronic poverty and that the solution is win-win ?

Eventhough it’s too early to draw the conclusions to the experiment, the results are already promising and have changed the lives of the villagers. By doing so, they have contradicted the common belief that if you give money to the poor, they will use it in a bad and non profitable way. During the last elections in France, there were discussions about whether or not there should be a universal income for every body, but people were not in favour of the idea despite the results already achieved in other countries (Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Canada, Brazil). The idea seems plausible that when someone is free from the basic needs of the Every day life, thanks to a universal income, they can develop their creativity more and engage in activities, be it economical or not. What’s more, the specialists on the subject say that it is a more economical solution than the regular welfare solutions, which doesn’t benefit everybody, especially the medium-wage households which are sacrified. Maybe we’ll eventually come to that. Until then, learn more here.

On this link is a video dealing with the subject. It’s Worth a few minutes in our boisterous lives.


Let’s take care of ourselves.

See you around !



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